How to Participate

Holons HN$ Participate

It all starts with the people’s involvement and there are a two main ways to get involved in Holon$ Tokens Hybrid.

Join with your research equipment

Whether you are a team of researchers with a measurement lab or an  individual with zest to collaborate on a larger scale, join in with your research equipment and be part of the movement to bring the research to a wider community. Contact for further details in this regard.

Initial Coin Offering

To sustain the costs of development for the project and to gather resources for the more equipment to join to the network, we will launch an ICO starting from 16 November 2021 and run the first phase for a period of a month after which we will evaluate it and plan for the possible subsequent phases. The initial offering will be 6.66 NEO for 1 HN$.

All funds raised at the development stage will be invested in purchase of further medical equipment as active assets within the network as well as Holon$ Tokens Hybrid network development, expansion, and promotion guaranteeing a quicker growth rate and increased popularity.


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